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One of our worst fears is that someone may be watching everything we do on our computer, copying down our passwords and snooping around in our files. That's why there's so much security software out there.

SpyShelter Stop-Logger is a comprehensive anti-spyware application that monitors all suspicious activity that other applications may perform on your computer. This activity is divided into the following categories:

· AntiKeyLogging: Keep programs from copying everything you type and stealing your passwords.

· AntiScreenCapture: Keep programs from taking screenshots of your screen without your permission.

· AntiWebCamLogger: Keep programs from accessing your webcam, even if it's disconnected.

· AntiSoundRecorder: Keep programs from maliciously obtaining sounds from your PC.

· AntiNetworkSpy: Keep trojans from stealing important information through SSL transactions.

· AntiClipboardCapture: Keep programs from stealing information that you've copied to the Windows clipboard.

Each time an unknown application tries to perform one of these actions, you can decide whether or not to allow it. For example, you can give free rein to a screen capture program that you have downloaded for that purpose.

SpyShelther Stop-Logger is a comprehensive application that will stop trojans and other malware from accessing your private information. The only downside to the application is its poor translations, if you were hoping to use it in a language other than English.

14-day trial.

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